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Sophistiplate | Simply Eco Collection

Sophistiplate | Simply Eco Collection

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Sustainable meets Sophisticated in our new beautiful new line of wavy, eco-friendly & compostable plates. These compostable party plates are made from natural and compostable bamboo, wood fiber and sugarcane which is not only eco-friendly, but makes these plates incredibly sturdy and heavy duty. Available as a pack of 8 in a range of beautiful colors including a soft cream, blush, sky blue, sage. Skip the dishes and save the Earth!

Perfect for Everyday, Mother's Day, Spring, Bridal Shower, Weddings, Baby Shower, and Garden Parties

Made from all natural materials including a bamboo fiber blend Product

Dimensions | Salad Plate 7.5"D | Dinner Plate 12"D

Super sturdy & heavy duty Pack of 8 Industrially Compostable 

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